Our singings from the 1991 Denson Edition of the Sacred Harp take place on the second Sunday of each month in St Paul. In addition, we sing from the 2006 Revision of the Cooper Book on the fourth Sunday of each month in Minneapolis, and we sing from Shenandoah Harmony on the third and fifth Sundays of each month. There’s a singing in Duluth on the first Sunday each month as well.

Students at the University of Minnesota sponsor a singing every Tuesday night in Dinkytown. All are welcome!


  • There is a special singing in Burnsville on Sunday,June 5
    Here’s the schedule:
    4:30 -5:30 singing from the Cooper Book
    5:30 – 6:00 sandwiches, snacks, visiting
    6:00 – 7:00 singing from Brumley

    Here’s the logistics information, Elouise lives at:
    Realife Coop
    12575 Pleasant Ave.
    Burnsville, MN 55337
    Elouise says come straight through the main entrance and proceed into “the Great Room” kind of the activity room. There is a small parking lot directly in front of the main entrance. There is a much larger lot on the north end of the building (longer walk but tons of parking). There is also parking directly across the street from the main entrance.

    Realife Coop is on the far south side of the metro; so car-pooling may be a good option. If you can offer a ride, or you need a ride perhaps mention this at one of our regular weekly singings during announcements.
    People should bring the Cooper Book, and Brumley, and maybe a dessert (if they want to).
    There will be some Cooper and Brumley books there as loaners.
    If you have any extra Cooper or Brumley books you can bring to be used as loaners— please do so.
    Elouise will provide sandwiches and cold water, I will provide iced tea.

  • We will be singing at Northern Spark on Saturday June 12 (into Sunday June 13)
    Here are details:

    Click the calendar below for details of singing times and locations:

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